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About Joseph S. Gulino, Jr., Esq.

As a matrimonial and family law litigation attorney since 2009, I utilize my expertise in and knowledge of the laws surrounding divorce and family conflict in order to reach a dissolution of the client's marriage or relationship with the least amount of disruption to their life and family.
While the initial attempt is always to reach an amicable resolution with the least amount of conflict, I am also a proven litigation attorney and will fight aggressively in court in an effort to obtain the goals and outcomes established by the client. I have experience in all aspects of divorce and family law litigation, as well as being highly experienced in appellate practice, and federal litigation, with skills including but not limited to oral argument, motion practice, hearings and trials.
Whether a client is married, in a long-term relationship, seeking to provide care or obtain guardianship for a loved one, is facing criminal prosecution, has concerns related to civil rights, or is experiencing difficulties with contractual obligations, I have the necessary skills and experience to guide them through the process in even the most hotly contested cases.
This is accomplished through honest communication with the client along with professional, ethical, and when needed, aggressive, representation, designed to obtain the ends established by the client. 
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