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Our practice areas cover the full range of your matrimonial and family law needs & questions.
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Equitable Distribution


New Yorkers with significant assets need experienced legal representation during their divorce. Your financial future depends greatly on getting a fair allocation of your marital property. Asset division also affects how the court rules on alimony. If you want to maintain your lifestyle and your standard of living, you need a law firm that is ready to fight for you.



Retirement Accounts


Few assets have a greater impact on your financial security than your retirement savings. Divorce can throw a wrench in the works, so that all your best-laid plans grind to a halt. If you’re anxious about what New York’s Domestic Relations Law will do to your pension plans or 401(k), contact us for a free consultation. 


Protecting a Business


Joseph Gulino Jr. Esq. represents many entrepreneurs who put their life blood into their business, only to find when they divorce that their spouse has ownership rights which threaten their continued operation. For these clients, he will take an aggressive approach to litigation, looking for evidence in your business documents or customary practices that argue against co-ownership and equitable distribution while negotiating favorable terms.  

Inheritance & Personal Injury

Settling claims related to inherited property and personal injury can be complex and have serious consequences for your financial future. Whatever side of the issue you’re on, you can rely on our knowledge and determination to deliver the best result possible in your divorce proceedings.


Marital v. Separate Property


Under New York’s Domestic Relations Law, you get to keep one hundred percent of your separate (premarital) property in a divorce. However, that doesn’t mean that your spouse won’t try — and succeed — in attaching those assets (or at least some portion of them).   There is a fine line between martial and separate property but proving it can be an uphill battle.  Whether marital or separate property, unless you have experienced legal representation fighting for you, you stand to lose what is rightfully yours.

Marital v. Personal Debts
Under New York law, there is a difference between debts accrued for customary marital expenses and those that are personal in nature (i.e. do not go towards a normal marital expense).  Not only may you be entitled to a distribution of debt other than an even 50/50 split, but you could also have a legal argument in favor of dissipation of marital assets.  Contact us today to inquire more as to what your rights may be concerning debts accrued during the marriage and other potentially related issues.

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