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Paternity Rights

Paternity involves the issue of the identity of the father of a child. It is obvious who the mother is because she gives birth. If a man is found to be the father of a child he has an obligation to pay child support until the child is 21 years of age in New York. If the child (after the age of 18) moves away from the mother, joins the military, marries or becomes employed and self-sufficient, the child support can be terminated. The Family Court in the State of New York is given the authority to deal with issues of paternity.

Establishing Paternity – DNA Paternity Testing

A father can establish paternity by signing a document acknowledging paternity. If paternity is not voluntarily acknowledged, a proceeding can be brought by either the father or the mother to determine the identity of the father. Today, highly accurate DNA testing is utilized for the purpose of establishing-paternity. Should you find yourself facing a paternity-petition in the Family Court of New York, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, Kings, Westchester and/or Bronx Counties, you need to retain a highly qualified and experienced paternity attorney to represent you. Similarly, if you would like to have paternity-established with all of the rights and responsibilities that this entails, you also require competent representation. Contact the Law Offices of Joseph S. Gulino, Jr., Esq., PLLC at (914) 292-9272 for a free review of your situation.

Fathers Rights and Paternity

If you believe you have fathered a child and the child’s mother refuses to cooperate with you with regard to visitation or allowing contact with the child, it is important to retain a Father’s Rights attorney to assist you. We can provide a road map for you with regard to establishing paternity, obtaining visitation or obtaining custody of the child. We have been assisting fathers regarding issues involving paternity, custody and visitation with their children for many years. We can obtain court orders forcing the mother to cooperate with you and allowing you to establish a relationship with your son or daughter.

DNA Tests

DNA testing is a highly accurate means of determining who is and who is not the father of a child. However, there is a specific methodology and rules required before a DNA test can be accepted into evidence. Our office has an expertise in challenging the methodology of taking DNA samples, handling the samples and the introducing into evidence the DNA test results. We have successfully kept out of evidence DNA tests that would have proven our client was the father of the child in question. The DNA defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Joseph S. Gulino, Jr., Esq., PLLC can help you deal with issues involving DNA testing to determine paternity.

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