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Mission Statement


Whether married, in a long-term relationship, or seeking to provide care or obtain guardianship for a loved one, there are always complex legal issues, including but not limited to those related to children and distribution of property and other assets. Our sole objective is to guide you through this process professionally and ethically, perpetually attempting to achieve your desired result amicably and as cost effectively as possible, but with the edge of zealous and strategic representation.

Simply put, luck is for the unprepared and our sole goal is to provide tactical and strategic representation, attentive to every detail without losing track of the bigger picture.

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75 S. Broadway

4th Floor

White Plains, New York 10601




Maribel Z.:

I highly recommend The Law office of Joseph Gulino, he has been so helpful through out my parents divorce. He's helped my dad by making this hard time go by as smooth as possible. He's very responsible and very helpful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Nellie N.:

I found Joesph Gulino, Jr services more than satisfactory. He showed me that he not only cared about my case, but about me a as a human being.
I can gratefully recommend 😉

Areas of Practice

  • Matrimonial and Family Law

    • Marital v. Separate Property

    • Equitable Distribution

    • Retirement accounts

    • Protecting Your Business

    • Inheritance

    • Personal Injury Settlements and Divorce

    • Child Support and Maintenance

    • Child Custody

    • Abuse/Neglect Litigation

    • Family Offense Litigation

    • Assisted Reproduction Technology

    • Military Divorces

  • Out-of-Court Divorce Solutions

    • Divorce Mediation

    • Collaborative Divorce

    • Separation

    • Uncontested Divorce

  • Criminal Defense

    • All Aspects of Criminal Defense from Traffic Court through Serious Felony Offenses

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